Our field installable hose fittings are high quality and compatible with our item # H02-05 (COMPARABLE TO LINCOLN 252717) family of hose.  Our field installable hose fittings have been very popular with our customers due to our low pricing, compatibility with different brands of SynFlex Hose, high quality and quick shipments.
Best Item # Comparable to Lincoln Item #
FHIC-252 246002
HS-02-090 272394
HS-02-STR 272401
HSS-02 272427
We also carry field installable hose fittings for use with our BH-338 (COMPARABLE TO LINCOLN 71900 AND 66844) SAE30R3 hose.  We have plated and stainless steel fittings available.
Best #  Description Comparable Lincoln Item #
SHT-02 1/8” tube stem 12613
SSHT-02 1/8” tube stem S.S. 12613-9
SHT-4MM 4MM(5/32”) tube stem 12613-4MM
SHS-02 1/8” M.P.T. hose stud 12614
SSHS-02 1/8” M.P.T. hose stud S.S. 12614-9
SHN-02 coupling nut 12615
SSHN-02 coupling nut S.S. 12615-9